Application report for the use of the phiControl SCADA software

Renewal of the operation controls at two parts of the factory – the baking line and the conveyor oven HTML5-based control system phiControl©

The same functionality as a classic control system – project size of a panel software


  • Complex user management
  • Recipe management
  • Operator control
  • Alarm Management System

  • Platform independent control of the system
  • Touch panel on the control cabinet
  • Tablets in the plant
  • Checking the parts of the system via the visualizations

phiControl application

Since 1999, coolback stands for taste and freshness in high-quality baked goods. At the factory in Nuthe-Urstromtal in Brandenburg south of Berlin, 270 employees produce more than 500 million frozen bakery products per year, using traditional and innovative recipes. To this end, the factories must be available around the clock, 24/7.

It is intended to replace the factory operation control, built on the basis of Siemens MP277 1” touch panels, with a modern, future-safe operating concept. The operating control should be designed for continuous use 24/7 and permanent operator intervention.

This involves a baking line that consists of two factory components

•    The line with 3 fermentation cabinets, converters, paternosters and cutting systems
•    The conveyor oven with two baking levels and feed and delivery systems. The entire baking line contains approximately:
•    103 drives
•    60 actuators/cylinders
•    8 burners
•    220 sensors

A decision was made to use a slim, 100% web-based control system as a touch panel solution. It should be possible to operate this in a platform-independent manner. The solution shall include the following service properties; Complex user management, recipe management, recording of user actions and alarm management.  

PhiControl - your facility in your pocket

The control system phiControl© meets all of these requirements. Due to the low memory use of phiControl©, this is installed in an Intel NUC compact PC. Since both factory components were linked with each other, the system can be monitored and operated through every browser in the entire factory.

phiControl highlights

  • Low memory and CPU performance requirements  
  • 100% web-based, supports HTML5 & CSS3
  • Supports redundancy of open interfaces to higher-level systems (MES, ERP, ...)
  • Supports the most important field protocols (ProfiNet, Modbus TCP, Ethernet IP, ...)
  • Open OPC Client Interface for the use of any SPS drivers
  • Freely configurable, complex historical trends
  • Complex user management and alarm management
  • Impressive Mimic Designer graphics (SVG)
  • Platform-independent control of machines and facilities
  • Inexpensive, unlimited client access
  • Low license and application costs
  • 100% applicable in virtual machines and in the Cloud
  • Rapid development of complex applications