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infOmatic – The web portal for your biogas plant

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infOmatic is an information portal for your biogas plant that enables the real-time monitoring of your plant. You can see which processes are currently running in your plant(s). infOmatic generates reports that clearly present all desired data from our biogas plant(s) in tables and diagrams. These reports (operating log) also contain suggestions for operating the biogas plant. At the same time, infOmatic offers technically required provisions for participating in direct marketing and generating excess proceeds. Thus, multiple options are available to you in a single application – clear, simple and inexpensive: documentation, reporting, alerts and direct marketing.

Services infOmatic

  • Setup, maintenance and backup of databases (including all updates and upgrades of the required software tools) 

  • Setup, maintenance and extension of the information portal (required license extensions) 

  • Adaptation of system performance to number of users (extension of the hardware platform)

  • Adaptation of standard reports to individual customer requirements (optimized reports benefit all customers)

  • Daily delivery of reports via e-mail (daily, weekly, monthly, and annual reports)

  • Installation of the coupling inside the biogas plant via the control system (including the router) 

  • Optional services (also available as a user flat fee)

  • Installation of an alarm system

  • Remote maintenance

infOmatic application

Due to an intelligent user and client management, company-internal and company-external user hierarchies can be established in infOmatic. Besides the user with administrative authority (this applies for each plant), it is possible to grant or refuse any other user plant-specific access to selected functions with a single mouse click.
This gives plant operators the option to individually integrate external service providers such as consultants, laboratories or electricity traders in the portal in a cost-neutral fashion, in order to grant access to selected plant data.
This leads to a reduction of administrative costs, while at the same time increasing the reaction speed at the plant.

The daily use of the individual components in your plant leads to wear and tear, thus making your overall plant susceptible to faults and repairs. The higher risk of failure is exacerbated by an increasing energy requirement. This leads to higher costs and a reduced efficiency of your overall system. With regular maintenance, you can ensure the smooth and long-lasting operation of your plant.
Tailored to our customers’ needs, the ORmatiC team developed a maintenance tool that is integrated in the plant operation. Our maintenance tool contains the following building blocks:

  • Maintenance planning
  • Warehousing
  • Documentation
  • Alarming

Early reporting and correspondingly fast reaction times enable the optimisation of your plant’s smooth operation. →Optimisation

With the ORmatiC control centre – a new building block in our service package – we always keep an eye on your plant. Make use of our service with central alarming and a reduced reaction time – this will prevent higher losses and damage to your plant! Our employees offer immediate support when trouble-shooting your system. We will gladly inform you about our individual service offers.
You want to stay in control of monitoring your plant and yet use the full functionality of a control centre? Whether you operate a biogas plant, a wind turbine or any other decentralised system, with infOmatic, we can set up your own control centre in just a few days.

  • Use of open standards (VPN, OPC)
  • Use of standard software with a high future security (SQL database)
  • Use of software products by large manufacturers in database and information portals
  • Entirely hardware-independent – Windows-compliant, i.e., you are never 100% dependent on ORmatiC, since the applied products are only configured and not programmed
  • Simple, safe and supplier-independent concept for the coupling of biogas plants

OPC is a Client Server Architecture by Microsoft. OPC is used where sensors, regulators and controls by various manufacturers form a common, flexible network; today, it is the standard in manufacturer-independent communication in the automation technology. An unlimited number of clients can access a server.
Virtual Private Network (VPN) is used to create a safe, encrypted network via public communication channels by employing tunnel technology. Computers connected via VPN (e.g., in biogas plants) are linked in a network with secure access.

Use of the Melsys product with the following properties:

  • Determination of the alarms to be transmitted on the basis of the MSR list  
  • Determination of a list of recipients, incl. handing-over of the mobile phones for the test
  • Definition of a contingency plan, if desired
  • Determination of the escalation strategy  
  • Voice or SMS transmission with acknowledgement. In the process, the alarm notification text is transmitted in order to inform the recipient about the exact nature of the alarm.
  • Simple configuration of the contingency planning  

The infOmatic server constitutes the heart of the system. Therefore, the infOmatic server is installed in a computing centre with the highest security requirements. The ORmatiC GmbH assumes the maintenance for the portal-specific software tools. The maintenance of the hardware and the operating system’s software is carried out by IT specialists. Professional IT workers ensure the availability and security of the data.

Participation in infOmatic

Biological consultants and analytical laboratories may participate in infOmatic free of charge. If the operator of a biogas plant employs a biological consultant, he may be given access to the system. This lowers your costs while at the same time increasing the reaction speed. The consultant can access plant data and lab analyses at all times without the use of tools such as PCAnywhere and can make timely suggestions for the adjustment of the operating style of your biogas plant. If the consultant wishes to integrate a biogas plant, we will make a timely offer for the setup expenses. 

functions infOmatic

The following functions are available to you with infOmatic:

  • Access via the Internet
  • Operation and input material logs, including plausibility calculations regarding your electricity production
  • Technical requirements for the optimisation of the electricity yield through requirement-specific feed-in
  • Representation of results in tables and graphs
  • Analyses for various periods: daily, weekly, monthly, annually
  • Plant comparison
  • Querying of freely configurable ad hoc reports
  • Accepts manual input (laboratory, material volume) for the management, storage and preparation of data in the BGP
  • Current plant status in real time
  • Central alarming
  • Generation of predictions regarding direct marketing/management premium
  • Monitoring of compliance with the time table
  • Accounting grid management according to § 33 EEG 2012
  • Small plants are combined in virtual power plant companies