With over 10 years of international experience in automation technology, we have become experts in the field. Whether in the area of process automation with more than 100 automated biogas plants worldwide, in the area of industrial automation as a partner for interface development with OTIS, or in the establishment and operation of a web information portal in the field of IT solutions – you can gain your own impression here about our abilities and experience:   


Process automation

process automation, gas, biogas, refitting

NaWaRo AG – Gas sampling system Penkun: realization of a gas sampling system from 40 biogas plants with Siemens Safety PLC in SIL2 - 2016

Process automation

visualization, ifix, ge fanuc

Berliner Wasserbetriebe - Update of the visualization system ifix - 2016

process automation

Bio Energy Coevorden B.V.
Commissioning of control cabinets and scada system for biogas-plant with 10 primary digesters and 20 additional process tanks. Input materials: liquid manure and industrial residues. Biomethane production with nominal capacity of 60MW. Ammonia stripping integrated in the final process. gas utilization and processing for public gas distribution system.



industrial automation

automation, software, industry

OTIS GmbH - Realization of an escalator control system based entirely on Siemens technology - 2015

industrial automation

visualizaion, automatisation

Coolback GmbH - Realization of the large - scale bakery furnace plant on Siemens control system and web - based visualization system phiControl - 2015

industrial automation

automation, industry

Phillip Morris - Delivery and programming of a control for the separation of packaging boxes from a cassette onto a conveyor belt - 2015

IT Solution

energy management, reporting

Grundgrün Energie - Design and implementation of direct marketing solutions - 2015

IT Solution

ORmatiC GmbH - Construction and operation of a web information portal for biogas plants - 2013

IT Solution

Momentive Performance GmbH - Energy management system - Recording and reporting of data for the preparation and reporting of energy values ​​- 2015

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