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Our services guarantee a safe and economic operation of your plant. Here, you can choose from our range of support options, from the complete service support contract down to individual applications /services. With our experience from realising nearly 100 biogas plants worldwide, we are your partner where the automation, control or electrical engineering of your biogas plant is concerned. Our support contract provides you with continuous support by our experts in order to optimise your plant’s output.  ORmatiC provides spare parts for your plants automation system, which ensures the fastest possible replacement of defective parts in the event of a failure. The ORmatiC support contract includes the use of our web-based infOmatic data portal. This allows you to comfortably generate reports, view your plant data, use the possibilities to optimise your electricity output, and much more! Our infOmatic portal makes all of this possible – in a single application. Hardware-independent, without intervention in the SPS control, an independent and natural plant builder at the highest safety level.


We offer you the following services with our support contract:

  • Unlimited number of technical inquiries 
  • Remote maintenance by ORmatiC
  • On-site visits once a year
  • Necessary upgrades of software tools
  • Advice regarding modernisations in the automation concept
  • Regular system and data backup, if desired
  • Participation in the infOmatic portal, including all options available there

Each component can also be booked individually (see table).
We offer special service solutions for 75 kW Biogas plants!


Support package ORmatiC

24/7 Premium

24/7 Basic




If you own a tablet PC, we can set it up for monitoring your biogas plant. This gives you easy access to your biogas plant wherever you are – be it on site, in the field or on the road. And it works with the operating systems android (Samsung, LG, google…), iOS (Apple) or Windows 8. 

You do not own a tablet PC? We will deliver a new device to you, with the operating system of your choice, including all necessary installations for the remote access to your plant.  

ORmatiC ensures secure remote access: At the plant, you have a direct connection via W-LAN (in this regard, the range of the W-LAN router must be considered; if needed, W-LAN repeaters must be installed), and on the road, a connection can be made via our secure VPN network on the visualisation.

The following 3 steps are required for this:

  1. We configure your device over the phone with the required settings * OR: We send you a new tablet with all installations.
  2. Shipment of an antenna for the router and activation of the router for W-LAN use.
  3. Integration of the router in ORmatiC’s secure VPN network (shipment of a new router may be necessary in certain cases).

 *Condition for secure remote access while on the road: We integrate you in our secure VPN network.


With the integration of a camera in the biOmatic control system, you will be able to monitor the external area around your biogas plant via remote access.

Our flat rate includes the following services:

  • Delivery of a camera of the type Funk WLAN Megapixel HD PTZ Dome IP or similar value
  • Optimal integration in the biOmatic system, including documentation.
  • Shipment of an antenna for the router and activation of the router for W-LAN use.
  • Integration of the web server in the biOmatic control system, including test
  • This calculation is based on the assumption that your local electrician carries out the mechanical and electrical installation as follows:
    • Camera with W-LAN connection, installed by the customer

Prerequisites for assembly:

  • The camera must not be located in the explosion protection zone
  • A connection to the W-LAN router must be available (W-LAN repeaters must be used in order to increase the W-LAN range).

We offer the integration of room monitoring in the biOmatic control system.

Our affordable flat rate includes the following services:

  • Optimal integration in the biOmatic system, including documentation.
  • Forwarding of the received alarms to the biOmatic control system.
  • Installation of a logic and an operating control in the biOmatic interface for the time-delayed activation and deactivation of the alarm.
  • Integration of the alarm signal in the Melsys call alarm or AIP, respectively.
  • ORmatiC is able to offer these services at such a low price since we assume that you have an on-site partner for the initial installation who can provide the following one-time services:
    • Provision of the required motion detectors
    • Assembly and electrical wiring of the motion detectors

Of course, we can also carry out the initial installation for you for an additional fee, if desired!