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Energy management

To guarantee the maximization of electric power input, ORmatiC GmbH has set the goal in energy management to not exceed an electric output of 500 kW (the maximum allowance according to EVU).

This requires the following parameters:

  • Generation of software on your SPS platform for the optimization of power input
  • Installation of this software on your SPS, installation of virtualization units in the control center
  • Prerequisite for installation is the availability of all information from each part of the plant as processed data in the SPS
  • 2 weeks of testing, including optimization of the energy management system
  • Documentation

Procedural Description

Energy management always attempts to regulate the electric input performance to a theoretical value of 500 kW. This means that all users of the plant will be supplied from the biogas plant at a simultaneous input of 499 kW. The upper limit is the kW output of the installed engine. The dynamics of this regulatory process are limited by the gas engine. This means that the input performance decreases with the addition of electrical users and is slowly raised again by the regulatory circuit to the norm value of 499 kW. The deactivation of users is much more critical, since an excessively fast switch-off can lead to exceeding the input limit of 500 kW. Exceeding this limit causes a decoupling of the biogas plant from the electric grid, which must be prevented at all costs. Therefore, the switch-off of users is prevented until the input performance has been sufficiently lowered by “pre-running” the regulatory circuit. This applies to all switch actions, except for the emergency switch-off. Users that are to be deactivated are divided into procedurally critical and non-critical components. Procedurally critical users, e.g. pumping processes, must be switched off. This leads to a decrease in the plant’s own consumption that has to be compensated in equal measure by switching on non-critical components such as the agitators. This optimization is an important part of the activation process and is very time-consuming, due to its high complexity and diversity.


Assembly, Activation and Training

ORmatiC ensures that the energy management is installed onto the existing technology. All control and regulatory functions will be tested and approved for each procedural step. All emergency functions will also be tested and approved. The results of all tests are collected in an approval protocol and signed off on upon successful execution. During the testing phase the staff will be trained and instructed.



ORmatiC generates and delivers a documentation in duplicate (the choice of documentation software rests with the agent). It consists of a description and the SPS and visualization programs, along with a user handbook and a list of spare parts (single copy). In addition, a copy of the documentation is supplied on CD Rom.